• Website | PinksSite.com

    Interactive | Graphic Design

    Totally made by me | the design, coding, intro. Check it out!

  • Catalogues apparel | Nike

    Illustration | DTP

    Created catalogues of different seasons and categories.

  • Magazine | city Enschede

    DTP | Graphic Design

    Personalized welcome Magazine for new residents of the city.

  • Website | Logo Ca-Piesch.nl

    Interactive | Graphic Design

    Made a clean functional website | and logo for a driving school.

  • Window | Le Coq Sportif

    DTP | Graphic Design

    Le Coq Sportif tennis collection window for 73 Perry Sport stores.

  • Diamond in the Sky | Art

    Graphic Design

    Shine bright like a Diamond in the Sky | Personal art piece

  • This is me..Exquision

    Illustration | Graphic Design

    Personal typography piece | All you need to know about me.

  • Media Artist | Challenge

    Graphic Design

    MultiMedia items exploding that each Media Artist deals with.

  • Sneaker column | Aktiesport

    Graphic Design | DTP

    4 banners for the summer collection of Ellesse and Le Coq Sportif.

  • RTV Oost | mobile App

    Interactive | Graphic Design

    An animation from the overview of the mobile phone application.

  • stand GDS | USG Brands

    DTP | Graphic Design

    130m2 | All the Visuals(window | banners| showroom).

  • Online book | Volkswagen

    Interactive | Graphic Design

    Online book to help people install the application on their phone.

  • Brochure | Le Coq Sportif

    DTP | Graphic Design

    Designed the Le Coq Sportif | Q4-2012 Brochure.

  • Jobs Touchscreen | Randstad

    Interactive | Graphic Design

    Interactive touchscreen | A new way to search for a job!.

  • Business Cards | Exquision

    Graphic Design | DTP

    NEW Exquision Business cards | with a gloss effect.

  • ROC Flyer | Front Runner

    Illustration | Graphic Design | DTP

    Created this flyer that are given out on ROC schools.

  • Brochure | Pantofola D'oro

    Graphic Design | DTP

    Designed the Pantofola D'oro | Q4-2012 Brochure.

  • Branding | Front Runner

    Graphic Design | DTP

    New business cards, envelopes, specialty papers.

  • Flyer | Create your own Hub

    Illustration | DTP

    Made a flyer for an online campaign | plus to show the latest collection.

  • Down Under | Personal piece

    Illustration | Graphic Design

    Art piece with 68 hidden Australian animals | Check out all the details!

  • Love Song


    Want to show that everybody can make art. | Try it out!

  • Logo | Website Atlena

    Graphic Design

    Made a logo and website design for a yacht building company.

  • SneakerSweep | Front Runner

    Illustration | Graphic Design | Interactive

    Made the logo and artwork for 'SneakerSweep' | a special social media action.

  • In store action | Eddy Merckx

    DTP | Graphic Design

    In store action for the new sneaker collection | win a bike.

  • Website | JanneauEsmeijer

    Interactive | Graphic Design

    Made a simple logo and a tough website for a pro Cart coureur.

  • Website | Daten=Weten | Fortis Bank

    Interactive | Graphic Design

    This total campaign site has been developed | including animations in Flash. | There are about 400+ full profiles of mortgage advisors that you can "date".

  • I Come Crashing Down Like Rain | Personal piece

    Graphic Design

    Typography art piece

  • Tank Girl Art | Personal piece

    Art | Paint

    Made with markers | graffiti & paint.

  • Fish tank | Interactive Bar

    Interactive | Graphic Design

    Chase the fish away in the water..uhh I mean bar.

  • Website | Internship 2008

    Interactive | Graphic Design

    Internship report | created a clean corporate Flash website.

  • Fucking Perfect | Wallpaper

    Graphic Design | Illustration

    Designed a wallpaper | lyrics of a song from P!nk | download here!

  • Site Graphics | FrontRunner.nl

    Interactive | Graphic Design

    Made several graphic elements for the FrontRunner Webshop.

  • Website | Roque

    Graphic Design | Interactive

    Made a total 'urban' logo, housestyle and website design.

  • Handout | Connect Card

    Graphic Design | DTP

    Handout to apply for a Connect Card | available at the stores.

  • Creates Beautiful Chaos | Personal piece | Wallpaper

    Illustration | Graphic Design | 3D

    Wallpaper | 3D typography in combination with illustration | Check out all the details and download the wallpaper here!

  • Website | VisioDei.nl

    Interactive | Graphic Design

    Created a clean and elegant website for women accessoiries.

  • Comic character Tank Girl | Wall Painting

    Art | Paint

    Made with paint & graffiti.

  • Connect Card | Front Runner

    Graphic Design | DTP

    Designed the new Connect Card for clients | get one in stores NOW!

  • Merry Xmas | Card

    Illustration | Graphic Design | 3D

    Created a Merry Christmas Card with 3D typography&illustration.

  • adidas Flyer | Front Runner

    Graphic Design | DTP

    Designed a clean flyer for customers to win prices.

  • Art Wallpaper | Pink Hyves

    Graphic Design

    Redesigned the official P!nk Hyves | and a Wallpaper | download here!

  • Stickers | FrontRunner HQ

    Illustration | DTP

    Created big stickers for the HQ | and the Converse truck.

  • Music Is Love | Wall Painting

    Art | Paint

    Sketched | Illustrated and painted the design on a wall.

  • Words Typography | Poster

    Illustration | Graphic Design

    Totally created in Illustrator & Photoshop.

  • Website | SneakAholics

    Graphic Design

    Made a total logo and website design. | For Sale!

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